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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of classes have moved online! Please see below or go directly to the Book Online page.


My Story

Amanda Lettington

Until 2005 I was definitely a gym bunny believing you had to sweat and puff and pant in order to reap any physical reward. When I became pregnant with my son in 2005 I decided to try a new class – Pilates – never believing I’d see the benefits.  Well, how wrong could I be?  I finished classes feeling two inches taller which is quite something at just 5’2”.  I still feel I’ve gained height after each class.  

I qualified as a Level 3 Pilates Instructor in 2015 and had my first class lined up for me to teach just a week after my final assessment.  Since then I have instructed at various gyms and running my own classes in January 2016.  I have met so many wonderful people through these classes.  I love teaching and am keen to prove to every person who attends my sessions how Pilates and PureStretch can have a positive impact both mentally and physically.



Everyone leads a busy life.  Unfortunately, time for ourselves is the first thing pushed aside and so any form of exercise takes a back seat.  Pilates and PureStretch is something you can do anywhere, in any clothing, without any equipment.  Just a couple of exercises a day will alleviate those aches and pains, and improve your posture to a point where you can give 100% to all those other demands.  Come and learn how to improve your physical health and well-being forever.

Beginners – Intermediate

Tuesdays @ 2 pm - Online via ZOOM

Looking for a gentle yet powerful way to improve your core strength and posture while gaining flexibility? Pilates offers exactly that. Plus, it provides an excellent way to stay healthy—particularly when it comes to balance and stability—without pounding the joints. Many older adults find that their balance, flexibility and endurance have diminished over time. These conditions are workable within most beginner Pilates contexts, and they will improve as Pilates is practiced regularly.  Pilates is also a good way for older adults to rehab from surgical procedures like a hip replacement or knee surgery. Pilates helps with a variety of age-related ailments and has been documented to slow or reverse the effects of debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. It can even help with brain traumas like a stroke.  

Mixed Ability

Tuesday 5.30pm and Wednesday 7.00pm Online via ZOOM

These classes are suitable for both ladies and gents, from complete beginners to those who have a good knowledge of Pilates; you can start doing Pilates at almost any level of fitness and cardiovascular strength and at any age.  The key point is to get everyone to move.  All exercises are layered so every person can work to their level; I layer exercises from beginner to advanced.  Whilst it is difficult to correct via our screens, I do encourage people to email me to email me regarding any injuries/niggles so we can discuss adaptions which may be required during the next class.  During ordinary face to face classes I move around the class to keep an eye on individual’s technique and provide correction when required and to make sure everyone has a clear view of exercise demonstrations and adaptations.  The classes are interactive and I don’t think anyone feels they cannot ask questions before, after or even during a session.  


Postponed until further notice - combined with Mixed Ability zoom sessions

You can still benefit from every Pilates exercise however much experience you have.  Maintaining a strong core and good posture will allow you to steadily become more flexible.   Continuing to practise Pilates will ensure long term physical health is yours to keep.  In this class we work at an advanced level so it's suitable for anyone who wishes to push themselves as higher levels for exercises are offered.  I do incorporate advanced levels during zoom classes so that the elite athletes/those without any injuries can still practise "live" during the Covid-19 pandemic


Online via ZOOM  

Monday @ 6.30pm and Fri 9.30am.

Routines incorporate movement, toning and strengthening, stretching and relaxing designed to lengthen, strengthen and improve your flexibility.  PS will complement all your regular fitness regimes from golfing enthusiasts, runners, cyclists to weight lifters and combat fanatics.  Not many of us devote enough time to proper stretching before or after our exercise routines so here is a chance to learn how far your body can lengthen and watch yourself progress from barely reaching your knees to touching your toes. 

CHAIR/Supported pilates

Postponed until further notice

This class is suitable for those who have mobility restrictions so getting down on to the floor and up again is difficult.  We follow the same principles of Pilates, but the authenticity of the basic Pilates movements will be lessened as the exercises themselves are modified for use with a chair or for standing with support.  This is a terrific option for those requiring a gentle mobility and stretching class to alleviate aches and pains, help with balance and correct posture from prolonged periods of sitting.  

One 2 One / small groups

​Improving core strength can assist with rehabilitation following an injury and alleviate so many pre-existing conditions and back pain.  An hour's 1:1 session involves me watching your every move, guiding you through a programme of exercises tailored to meet your specific needs and allow you to gain confidence in your abilities. These sessions are suitable for everyone; even for those who attend other classes but want an individual session at monthly/bimonthly intervals so they can have my undivided attention then use this detailed instruction in larger classes.  1:1 £40 per session.  2:1 and 3:1 up to six people - fees are adjusted accordingly.  All private/small group sessions are held at my studio in Llangoedmor, Cardigan


“In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a new body.”

Joseph Pilates 

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